Memes are important today as they serve the purpose of comedy and are a perfect way of responding to someone. Memes come and go, but some are so popular that they stay with us for a long time. There are specific memes which are present in communities, but here, we will see which visual meme characters are the most popular.

The Facepalm Meme

This is a classic, showing Jean-Luc Picard holding his hand over his face, while sitting in his chair. This is a character from Star Trek: The Next Generation, starring Patrick Stewart. The meme is always a poster when someone does something stupid or incredibly bad.

The Drake Meme

The rapper Drake appeared in a meme where the top part is disgusted at something and the bottom part very happy. It’s actually 5 seconds apart one from another, in the music video for his song Hotline Bling. The upper part is used to show disgust and something disliked while the bottom part is used to show something likable. It is often used to compare products, people, music taste, anything and everything.

The Obvious Boyfriend

This is a legendary meme, which became popular two years after the photo was uploaded on iStock. This is a stock photo, by photographer Antonio Guillem. Nobody knew that the photo would become the meme we all love to use every day, it seems. The boyfriend is seen turning around to look at another girl, with a very obvious expression of desire, while his girlfriend is starting at him in unhappy disbelief.

The meme is used to show our desire for something, products, music, anything, while already having something similar, usually inferior.

Change My Mind

This is a meme which originated from Steven Crowder who sat at a table with a sign male privilege is a myth, change my mind. The sign was meant to spark debate about this topic. It actually worked out alright, except that he also created a meme by doing so. People rewrite the sign in photo editors and even put other people behind the desk.

The Exit 12 Meme

This is by far one of the simplest memes out there. A car is exiting from a motorway, but in a way which would do the Fast and the Furious franchise proud. There is a sign above, which people use to display someone going away from something, towards something. It’s effective because of the car’s dramatic exit.

Surprised Pikachu

This meme is just a picture of Pikachu with an :O face, showing surprise. It’s often used to describe people who do silly things then act surprised or are surprised when they realize the outcome. It’s a different way of saying captain obvious.

One Does Not Simply

One does not simply make a list of meme characters without mentioning the Sean Bean Boromir meme. During the council of Elrond, Boromir said that “one does not simply walk into Mordor”, which became the one does not simply meme. You replace the text and use the picture from that scene and you have a perfect meme.

The Most Popular Meme Characters