The Internet of Things is a term mentioned today on many news outlets, something thrown around regularly. It means lots of connected devices, constantly in communication with one another, providing us all with lots and lots of data. This serves plenty of purpose to so many people, from the government to those working directly on developing more software. It is also a great source of data for various AIs, who are fed information constantly so that they could learn more and more. And when it comes to sports, technology is really making up for the quality in the recent years. Sports fans are able to enjoy the games they love much more owing to these technological advances! While watching games is incredibly fun, some people also love to use Premier League Betting Offers – especially when it comes to watching Premier League games.

What are some of the implications of the Internet of Things when it comes to sports? Well, better than one would expect.

Already Present Technology

If you haven’t watched any of the recent FIFA World Cups or at least the Premier League or even a single game of Tennis, then you missed out on some of the best applications of technology in sports. The use of the HawkEye system in tennis was used for quite some time to determine whether a ball was inside the field or outside. Players would challenge the referee’s decision and use the system to their dismay or joy.

In football, there are plenty of now not so novel systems. For once, goal-line technology has been present, to help determine whether a goal was scored or not. There are various ways this technology is implemented, not just a single one. Video assistant referee is a new thing in football, where situations would be rechecked by the third fourth referee, determining whether a foul happened or not. The information would be relayed directly into the ear of the main referee.

Technology and Workouts

Having technology in matches is great, as it helps them be fairer and with less cause for concern. Players can focus on the game, the referees needn’t fear making a wrong decision. When it comes to training new athletes, technology is there to help, once more. The athletes are now able to wear new gear which measures their heartbeats and more. This relays the information to the coach and helps them adjust the workout routines correctly. There are even sensors which measure an athlete’s hydration levels and other physiological data.

There has even been talk of placing cameras on the heads of certain players to capture unique points of view for the broadcast.

The Future of Sports

There is talk of developing smart fabrics which athletes would wear, which would also gather data about muscle movements. This could help athletes improve. Sports is also seen as entertainment, today, at least by broadcast companies and streaming services. They often end up offering you the same content. With IoT, they could improve their game and offer you a new experience completely, sports in VR.

The Internet of Things in Sports