It is evident that AI is getting better than humans at various tasks, from music making to playing computer games – and who knows what else! According to many experts, artificial intelligence will soon be outsmarting us at our own inventions. So far, we can only imagine an AI-governed online shop, or an AI-generated website that offers discounts or codes similar to bet365 bonus code nz – but I honestly wonder what that would look like.

It was not so long ago when IBM supercomputer called Deep Blue beat Russian chess grandmaster Garry Kasparov in 1997. The AI development has taken a step further since, as we saw that an AI developed by Google has managed to beat the world’s greatest Go player in 2016. But how is AI able to analyze our moves and pick the right counter move?

The data science machine beats humans at analyzing data

Collecting and analyzing data drives can accomplish almost everything we do, from developing healthcare solutions to analyzing molecules and atoms. We are lacking people that create and explain patterns because computer software has proved to be better than humans. On the other hand, the data science machine is able to create predictive data models in a couple of hours. Just to put things into perspective, a team of human scientists needs several months to perform the same task!

Some AI can read better than an average human

Alibaba, an online retail giant, has developed AI that managed to beat humans at reading comprehension test. The AI system assessed reading comprehension via Standard Question Answering Dataset and came out on top by a few points. In the future, this system could apply its reading skills to medical emergency inquiries or customer service.

An AI system is efficient at strategy games

Google’s subsidiary DeepMind has developed a self-taught computer in 2017, called AlphaGo Zero. The self-taught system was able to beat the world’s champion in strategy game Go in May 2017. Deep Mind’s journey from an ambitious idea to the world champion at the notoriously tricky game is mind-blowing. It just shows us that the artificial intelligence is moving forward in outthinking us in every single game out there.

This AI program writes better pop songs than us

Perhaps the boundary has not yet been breached, but when a French songwriter Benoit Carre created a pop album collaborating with an AI music program, it surely changed the way we think about AI and creativity.

Carre, who has worked with some of the greatest names in France, like Johnny Holliday, says that the system can write original melodies and even play them. Although he claims that the song needs a human touch to bring it all together, there is no denying that AI will change the future of music.

The AI managed to smash the Guinness record for solving the Rubik’s cube

If someone told you that the Rubik’s cube can be solved in 0,637 seconds, you would probably think that they are out of their mind. And how about 0,38 seconds? That’s how long it took for the AI machine developed by software developers Jared Di Carlo and Ben Katz to solve it, and they say it can go even faster!

Is AI better than humans in computer games?