Every sports fan takes their fandom very seriously, and for every sports activity there exist the appropriate tools. Particular gadgets from our list will probably make you wonder how you ever got along without them before. Without further ado, let’s check which gadgets we have chosen as the most interesting ones.

Training Mask

Breathing is often overlooked in both fitness and sports routines. Improving your breathing can actually enhance your workout performance, conditioning and recovery, ultimately enabling you to accomplish more. By using elevation training masks, you can build up your lung capacity and improve your overall athletic performance.

Cyclists and long-distance runners usually train at higher altitudes where the amount of oxygen in the air is reduced. Training at higher altitudes causes our bodies to produce more hemoglobin — the protein that transports oxygen to lung tissues thus creating energy. When we return to sea level, those extra blood cells continue to carry more oxygen to our tissues, which allows us to push harder.

Some training masks mimic high-altitude training by reducing the amount of airflow to the lungs, which forces us to take deeper breaths and perform better.


Aftershokz is an ear-free headphone that uses the innovative bone conduction technology. It prevents earbuds from falling off while we are on the run. The headphones deliver the sound of music through our cheekbones, and not through the ear canal. This brilliant technology enables us to listen to music without compromising on the situational awareness whatsoever.

As you play your favorite music while running, the pads will vibrate and divert the sound waves through your bones. Of course, the sound is much quieter when compared to the regular headphones, but much more suitable for the environment.


This remarkable piece of fitness tech has made tremendous progress in the world of AI sports gadgets. LifeBEAM VI is an artificial intelligence gadget that helps you make the most out of your training sessions. It remembers your previous results, adapts to your current form, and pushes you to your limits. Basically, it’s like a trainer that has an awareness of your surroundings and has knowledge about your physiology and current activity.

As you make your progress in the gym, VI gives you feedback on biometric data, telling how far away you are from reaching your goals. Also, it has the outstanding sound quality, it’s water resistant, and has good battery life.


SPT (Sports Performance Tracker) GPS is a gadget that professional football leagues use to measure player performance. With the help of the advanced software called Gametraka that is installed into the SPT, this incredible gadget can create a heat map of the player throughout the course of 90 minutes on the pitch. Managers and owners use statistics provided by SPT to create key players for their clubs.


If you are a sports person trying to return to your ideal fitness form before an upcoming season, Slendertone can help you make things much easier. The gadget has high-tech belts that produce electrical signals and provoke the brain to send impulses for contracting and extracting your muscles. These electric signals usually target the abdomen area which is hard to exercise, thus enabling you to derive maximum performance from your workouts.

Cool Gadgets Every Sports Fan Must Have