Life is now inconceivable without the use of machines and computers. The areas of communication, media, and many others are entirely reliant on the use of computers that seem to have been growing a mind of their own. That mind is what we can refer to as artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence can be seen as the ability of machines to perform tasks that would typically be associated with intelligent beings, or to some extent even human beings. The ability to reason, generalize and learn from experience is the purpose of the AI-powered machine.

How Do Machines Do It?

All computations that occur inside the AI machine are done on the basis of complex algorithms that process a vast amount of data in order to execute a command. The theory stipulates that if you feed the computer with enough data, its algorithms will be able to come up with a universal solution to a problem by learning.

Speaking of learning, machine learning is the cornerstone of artificial intelligence. That learning includes the ability of machines to successfully make predictions based on the past experience, or the data that had been previously collected, without even being explicitly programmed to do so, which translates to the power of machines to grow on their own. Pretty cool, right?

All of these striking characteristics are possible on account of the neural networking systems, like the neural network in our brains that learns by training examples and connecting all of it in a bundle of information. That bundle of info would help the computer conclude something on its own. For example, it can spot if there is a hat on a man’s head, having previously processed thousands of images of people wearing hats.

Also, the focus of AI development has significantly been centered on language processing. The research aims to enable the computer to have a meaningful conversation by teaching the machine to use language in a natural context and to provide logical responses. This sort of technology lies behind your phone’s assistant as well.

Where Is AI Used?

The application of artificial intelligence is manifold. In recent days, self-driving cars have received a surge of interest from the tech companies that are using visual recognition and other AI systems to make the cars go on their own. Also, robotics is the branch of science that has benefited the most from AI. Creating robots that will perform laborious tasks instead of humans is at its peak. Moreover, the AI has been a reliable partner in medicine. Diagnostics of diseases and finding cures is where the AI algorithms help, finding faster and more precise solutions that support the doctors set treatments and help their patients.  

Artificial Intelligence – Explained