With the advancement of technology, almost every business is experiencing modernization on a daily basis. In order to do so, companies often require the aid of the IT experts, which gives a significant rise in popularity to the IT industry as it is crucial for the process. With this state of things, many companies focus solely on offering IT services as the demand is higher than ever. Even though there’s a vast variety of jobs that you could do, most of them are highly specialized. If you are a curious person that loves computers, you should check the following list which includes some of the more popular jobs in the IT field.

Cloud Architect

If you are somewhat familiar with computers, specifically with the Internet, you must’ve heard of cloud and cloud storage. The service allows you to store data, such as photos, music and many others, in an online storage space accessible only to you. Even though the storage space is not tangible, the information and the data still need to be properly structured. To maximize the storage capacity and allow faster access, the blocks of information need to be architected, hence the name of the storage.

Web Applications Developer

If you are surfing the web, you have already witnessed firsthand what web application developers do. Namely, by using complex scripts and program languages, web application developers create websites. Whether working as freelancers or a part of a bigger business, they make sure that the websites are maintained and fully functional. More often than not, they are working alongside web designers in order to make a website aesthetically pleasing.

Systems Analyst

Virtually every bigger company that uses computers to operate and run their business has a system analyst. The position requires a system analyst to solve all technical problems. The job can further be split into several branches, depending on the application of the field. While the business systems analysts determine most efficient software and systems for their organization, the application system analysts ensure that the network operations run smoothly by fixing errors and problems.


The programmer is one of the more commonly known terms for everyone with advanced knowledge of computers as they don’t really have a niche. However, they are a starting point for many different niches as programmers are people with great knowledge of computer languages like Java, HP, Python, C++, and so on. They usually work with web developers, software engineers or system analysts and create various programs and video games.

Security Administrator

Security Administrators have one of the most responsible jobs in the IT industry as they manage major projects. The position requires a security admin to install security solutions within an organization and to manage virtual data resources of the company. They also install networks and make sure that they are running smoothly and are well protected by setting up firewalls, anti-virus protection and restricting users to a certain level of access.


Currently, the IT industry offers plenty of jobs, and there are a lot more to come as the industry seems to be ever-growing. With the evolution of technology and information becoming digital, many businesses hire IT experts to increase their efficiency. In modern day and time, opting for a career in IT seems like a great choice!

Popular Jobs in the IT Industry