With the development of artificial intelligence, computers have got an entirely new perspective and a greater role in our daily lives. Soon, there will come a time when driverless cars and other automated machines will be as ubiquitous as mobile phones. However, AI is not solely reserved for the auto industry, robotics, and communication. One of its more prominent fields of development is undoubtedly the world of games. In this article, we are going to focus on how AI is used in video games since there is a lot of potential in that field.

AI can produce new levels in video games

The general scope of AI includes getting to a solution to any problem by processing large data with sophisticated algorithms. The results of such computations lead to the ability of the machine to learn and reach a logical and creative conclusion. This area of AI is referred to as deep-learning and is the one that improves the gaming world.

Based on the data provided by the game itself and through trial and error phase, the algorithms can construct endless new levels inside video games and thus produce new and creative content. All of this new content is provided without explicit instruction from the programmers, which allows the game to unfold in different ways, depending on the player’s choices. However, problems may arise when constructing the “world” in the game. You may face an impossible obstacle or an unplayable scenario, but the developers are getting to the bottom of that as well. They are phasing out this process, wherein the second phase serves to structure the creation of the content that mimics the one designed by a person.

AI improves the interaction of non-player characters

Another aspect of artificial intelligence that has been on the rise in the world of video games is the interaction with non-player characters. There are numerous games where you have to interact with the characters not controlled by other players, and that interaction is usually dull and involves only mere repetition of recorded phrases.

With the help of AI and its system, these characters can reach higher levels of interaction by using language-processing algorithms with the goal of teaching the machine to communicate using a natural language. By providing meaningful and logical responses, the level of interaction will reach unprecedented heights.

Non-player characters are also getting smarter

With the implementation of AI algorithms in video games, there has been a steady increase in the “intelligence” the non-player characters demonstrate. This characteristic is perhaps most notable in shooter games. The characters controlled by the computer have algorithms that help them analyze the player’s movement, the pattern of shooting and other characteristics that will result in them taking cover while you shoot and other moves that make the game more realistic and challenging.

AI combines the virtual and the real world

Pokémon Go is a video game that signals the future relation of the real and the virtual world with the lines getting ever blurrier. This representation of the augmented reality shows the way in which the gaming world will develop, allowing the players to interact with virtual characters using their real-life locations and personal avatars.

How is artificial intelligence used in video games?