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"HISTORY" Bing vs Google - Microsoft tried to compete with Google search engine y developing Bing - Funny result:

Today  (20.  07.  2009.), I have made a check on bing,
and now he has the correct result.
So this post just become... HISTORY :)

Super funny testing of bing :D
"I wanted to add my site to I made a search for how to add url to and how to add url to bing but I didn't find any relavant result .. check the image below .."

Bing Search:

Look the resoults! ( ironic )

Look the resoults! ( ironic )

So I tried Google:

[caption id="attachment_81" align="alignnone" width="500" caption="And look what google can do for you :D"]And look what google can do for you :D[/caption]

If you dont belive it see it for your self! Look with your own eyes! :D
( Date: 2009. 06. 19. )
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